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Though lovers be lost love shall not

All manner of thing shall be well

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3 June 1985
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I'm very Liberal and living in Kansas, so I spend more and more time online, trying to avoid potentially rage-inducing encounters with ignorant fellow carbon-based lifeforms. I've discovered some really cool people's blogs in the process and also Pandemic II and Robot Unicorn Attack, which I heartily recommend to anyone bent on destroying the world and realizing their dreams, respectively.

I am a College Graduate, which means I'm special or someshit. I turned this flavor of special in 2012, so I'm still getting used to it.

If I've added you, it's probably because I think you're an interesting person with something to say, or you just amuse me. Ask me to add you, or just add me and I might add you back if I likes what I sees.

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